1. Go to the plugin install form in your routerconsole:
  2. Paste in the URL http://bote.i2p/i2pbote.su3
  3. Click Install Plugin.
  4. Once installed, click SecureMail in the routerconsole sidebar or homepage, or go to

The I2P-Bote plugin is now built and signed by str4d. I2P-Bote users on versions 0.2.10 and below will need to uninstall their existing plugin first:

  1. Go to the plugin config page in your routerconsole:
  2. Find the i2pbote plugin.
  3. Stop the old I2P-Bote plugin (click Stop).
  4. Back up your I2P-Bote data. It is the i2pbote folder inside your I2P config directory (~/.i2p/i2pbote on Unix systems).
    • This backup is just a precaution. The data directory should not be deleted when you delete the old plugin, and it will be accessible by the new plugin.
  5. Uninstall the old I2P-Bote plugin (click Delete).
  6. Install the new I2P-Bote plugin as above.

v0.3 temporarily disabled IMAP support due to a bug. v0.4.3 re-enabled IMAP. See here for details.